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Building Capacity and Refining Algorithms for Critical Care in LMICs

By: Aislinn Mcmillan, Ba, Md Candidate 2022, University of California San Diego School of Medicine

Photo: Global Health 11.19.20

At TropMed20, researchers drew attention to how many international treatment guidelines are derived from evidence in high-income countries (HICs) and may not translate to the challenges of resource-constrained settings. Shevin Jacob of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine cited a disparity in the number of African hospitals equipped to implement one sepsis campaign’s guidelines compared to hospitals in HICs: 1.4% vs. 81%.

Building healthcare capacity to care for critically ill patients is especially salient right now during the COVID-19 global pandemic, and this session provided an interdisciplinary symposium which highlighted important evidence-based findings to guide clinical decision-making in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Moreover, speakers shared insight into opportunities to improve global critical care in areas such as protocolized care and task shifting and affordable technology

More information:!/9181/session/61

Aislinn McMillan is a 2019 ASTMH Kean Fellow. She is currently a third year medical student at University of California San Diego.

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